We share with you the latest trends and knowledge about live stream shopping. Learn about the impact of live shopping for your specific business and join the future retail with LIVEL.

Blog post imageHow businesses are using Live Stream Shopping across industries

Searching for the right product, analyzing and comparing characteristics, and studying reviews is quite tiring for the modern customer.How then can you expand your consumer audience in 2022?

Blog post imageTips to increase your sales with live shopping

Figuring out your own way of hosting live shopping events on top of the upcoming tips, guarantees your success in the up-and-coming market of live stream selling.

Blog post imageTrends of e-Commerce and how they affect live shopping in 2022

Past couple of years has pushed the consumers to the online front of shopping, which has increased the marketing arms of war of companies to new heights and directions.

Blog post imageIs live shopping the new must-have for e-commerce?

Live shopping-based e-commerce seems to have a bright future ahead. With steady growth, that hasn’t been estimated to slow down in the near future either.

Blog post imageHow to hold a good live shopping event

Many are boarding on the live shopping train, read these tips to get a head start on the competition.

Blog post imageWhat is live shopping, and why should you care?

Live shopping or livestream shopping is a fairly new e-commerce trend that provides an alternative way of advertising products.

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