Easy steps to start your liveshopping event

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  • Install through shopify app store

    On shopify admin panel, navigate to apps section and Click Livel live shopping.

  • Create a Live Shopping page for the store

    When you first start using Livel, you have to create a Live Shopping page for the store.

    The store can have a multiple host on every event, whose video streams can be displayed to the viewers.

  • Select products for liveshopping event

    For event the store can select any products from their Shopify store for customers to browse and add to cart during the event.

  • Join the event using personal email links and PIN code

    The director and hosts join the event using personal email links and PIN codes received via email.




Shopify, e-commerce and live shopping experts share their thoughts about Livel Livestream shopping app.

Image of reviewer
Kristina Verlin

Marketing Manager of Livel

"The LIVEL Live shopping app is a powerful application for expanding your brand worldwide and bringing you more potential customers. The app helps you to reach your target audience and get real-time user engagement using a direct connection with audiences."

Image of reviewer
Harri Ilvonen


"Based on customer feedback, LIVEL is a tremendous app for live shopping that lets you create highly successful live shopping events. We have also especially taken care to take the merchant’s perspective into account in the LIVEL app. LIVEL is fully integrated with Shopify, allowing you to manage events easily from the familiar Shopify Admin panel."

Image of reviewer
Tero Junttila

CTO Woolman

"I am familiar with the LIVEL app and I can say that it works. So if you want to develop and liven up your Shopify online store with a liveshopping service, the LIVEL app offers great opportunities for that."


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