How businesses are using Live Stream Shopping across industries

Searching for the right product, analyzing and comparing characteristics, and studying reviews is quite tiring for the modern customer.How then can you expand your consumer audience in 2022?

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Which tool for e-commerce promotion can be used in 2022?

One of the new marketing tools for the e-commerce market is live shopping, which allows you to increase sales in the e-commerce segment. During a live shopping event, the customer builds trust and loyalty to the brand. Moreover, the emotions caused by the online event motivate the customer to make a purchase immediately during the event.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many major brands of clothing, cosmetics, technology and even the media have paid attention to this tool and managed to try it.

Why are live shopping events the secret to the success of your e-commerce store?

  • Video content popularity

According to Digital 2022 Global Overview Report, 91% of users watch video content at least once a week

  • Users are spending more time online

On average, users spend 6 hours 58 minutes online, according to Datareportal, January 2022

  • Double benefit: Comfort for both the customer and the seller

The customer is attracted by the opportunity to see how the product looks and works "live", how it is produced and used, evaluate the size, ask a question and immediately get an answer, get a discount or a unique offer, but most importantly - save time, because you can make purchases without switching to third party resources.

Thanks to live stream shopping, companies can stimulate purchases, using various tools - promo codes, gifts and exclusive goods, to increase brand awareness and trust in it, as well as increase the level of trust in the product.

Who and how can develop with the help of live shopping

Of course, the new advertising tool raises questions from online store owners. Is this method of promotion suitable for your business?

The clear advantage of live shopping is that this tool is suitable for both big brands and small businesses. The owner of the brand, an invited expert, or an influencer can be the host of the event. It all depends on your idea and the scenario of the event.

For Fashion & jewelry Industries

For this industry, live shopping is a new channel for communicating with the audience. The absolute advantage is that all traffic is concentrated on the brand's website, in connection with which there is maximum user involvement.

Live shopping event allows your customer to see how the item will look like in real life. The host of the event can try these things on and describe the quality and comfort of an item, which is much clearer and more convincing than the photos on the store's webpage.

What type of event should you focus on?

  • Launching a new collection or product

  • Expert advice on fashion, trends and style

  • Sales and events with exclusive offers

Beauty & Cosmetics

In the beauty industry, a live shopping event is an opportunity for your client to get a consultation about a product. The customer needs to learn about the characteristics of the product, what it consists of, as well as options for use and precautions.

What type of event should you focus on?

  • Expert advice

  • Conducting live interviews or Q&A sessions

  • Unpacking New Products

  • Online makeup and skin care courses

  • Presentation about a certain brand/line of cosmetics that is presented in your store.


Saving time is one of the most important factors when choosing products, which is why modern parents prefer online shopping. It would seem that the target audience for live shopping events is clear - parents. However, for live shopping events, you can segment it into several main groups: Parents of newborns, toddlers, schoolchildren and teenagers.

What type of event should you focus on?

  • Expert advice on nutrition, care, educational games and other necessary products for children of a certain age

  • New collection or product launch

  • Sales and events with exclusive offers

Live Shopping –  the main global trend in video marketing and ecommerce.

In a few years, livestream shopping will likely become the main way to choose and shop online. Therefore, the use of the new format can become a way of promotion for brands already in 2022.

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